Rewriting Our Skin


To help move on from a dark period in his life, Conrad wanted to cover-up of a large black tribal piece on his back. Initially, he worried that it could only be covered with another black tattoo, but after his first chat with Jai, he learned that his possibilities were far more vibrant.


Conrad is drawn to Japanese art, in particular dragons and their symbolism. Inspired by his dragon sculpture collection, Jai started with some sketches that captured Conrad’s vision.

The Process

To cover the old tattoo high on his shoulder, Jai crafted a design with the dragon’s face and front claws undulating over his shoulder and onto his chest.


In love with the early results, Conrad decided that he wanted a second dragon on the other side of his back. Inspired by the legend of Ouroboros, representing the eternal cycle of destruction and rebirth, Jai created an encompassing visual story. Only as you move around his body can you see the two dragons chasing each other.