sunflower coverup tattoo
jai tattooing a lower back area closeup

Do tattoos hurt?

Pain is often a concern for many people considering a tattoo, but let me assure you, it's typically not as intense as you might imagine. I want to put your mind at ease by sharing some insights from my experience.

Tattoo artist applying stencil to a back piece

Jai’s Process

Creating your tattoo design is a process that is as unique as your story. We begin with a design consultation where we discuss subject matter, size, placement, and style.

Egyptian tattoo arm piece

Korben's Story

I am Korben aged 22 and I have Autism. I struggle with extreme anxiety and can not cope in social situations. I did not leave the house for 4 years and when I was 21 I realised this could not carry on.

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An Update From the Studio

At the studio we have been busy putting up lights and making the bathroom lovely. I am so lucky to work with such a clever and enthusiastic group of artists!

pink flower colour sleeve

How much will my tattoo cost?

Our minimum charge is £150, which covers small and very simple tattoos. This can be paid by cash or card at the studio.

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It is recommended that you wear clean loose clothing over your tattoo whilst healing. After a couple of days, your tattoo will develop a light scab. Leave it alone!

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The Curbar Ridge Association of Artists and Painters (C.R.A.A.P)

During my residency with Surface Gallery in 2011, I established the Curbar Ridge Association of Artists and Painters.

Hand tattoos on palm

Hand / Foot / Finger Tattoo Issues

When it comes to finger tattoos - do as we say not as we do! When you have a lot of tattoos you may decide to move onto your hands and fingers, but you should understand that these areas do not always heal as other areas do and frequently fade or drop out.

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Are tattoos safe?

Yes, as long as you go to a reputable artist who follows recommended safety procedures.

vellum studio sign

The Wonder of Vellum

I have never really got round to thanking the amazing people that helped me set up our little tattoo sanctuary.

Tattoo artist inserting stencil on client

What medical conditions effect tattooing?

Please speak to your tattooist if you are on any medication or if you have any allergies. Your tattooist will need to take these into account when tattooing you.

Artwork of sleeve tattoo designs

How does pregnancy effect tattooing?

If you are pregnant we cannot tattoo you. This is partially because the pain that you will feel will cause elevated stress hormones that can cause discomfort to your unborn child.

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Jai’s Autobiography

Coming back to tattooing was a wonderful and scary process. Throughout the relearning, I was helped by my wonderful mentor, Theresa Gordon-Wade of Epona Tattoo Sanctuary, Southwell.

Artwork of a bird with cherry blossoms

How do I prepare for my appointment?

Allow yourself plenty of time on your tattoo day and try not to book other appointments. Occasionally appointments take longer than expected and sometimes you can feel very drained after getting a tattoo.

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How to Spot if your Tattooist is Hygienic

When you go to get a tattoo you're probably looking to get some beautiful artwork or commemorate an important milestone, not to contract a debilitating and possibly deadly illness.

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A 5 Star Hygiene and Safety Response to COVID-19

As one of the leaders of Nottingham's 5 Star Tattoo Hygiene and Safety Accreditation Scheme we take our cross-contamination policy very seriously.

“Jai linked my new chest piece to my previous sleeve brilliantly. She gave great guidance, advice and suggestions which made it so easy to trust her expertise and creativity”

– Jeremy Lee