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From idea to Tattoo

A trusting artist/subject relationship is essential for truly personal creations. Every design is unique and individual as the subject.

Initial Consultation

If any good idea begins with a spark, then the initial consultation is where we lay the fire. Through conversation and shared images, Jai will help you find the right approach to your new tattoo, one that best fits your body, your goals and your budget.

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Your Story & Goals

Understanding the ‘why’ behind your tattoo is vital to ensuring it lives up to your expectations, whether that’s wanting to make a bold statement, transform your story or to rewrite a mark of the past. Jai will help you break down your subject matter and style to create a truly unique and personal design.


Using the images you share, Jai will generate an interactive mood board as inspiration for your design. From here, you will be offered various design options from freehand designs drawn directly onto your body to pre-created sketches and Tattoo mock-ups. Each option is carefully crafted to reflect your unique story and circumstances.

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On the Day

After a warm welcome and the necessary paperwork, any final questions you have will be discussed. Jai will ensure that you are comfortable and happy with the design before any tattooing begins, and often, small changes to placement or design can be made to make sure your tattoo fits perfectly and is exactly as you want it.


Once you are happy with the design, the tattooing process will begin. Be prepared to sit or lie down for an extended period and bring headphones or entertainment to pass the time. Jai will take as many breaks as you need, and longer sessions include a lunch break.

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Before leaving, your tattoo will be dressed and sealed, and you will be given full instructions about how to care for it. Be sure to follow them, as your tattooed skin will be vulnerable to infection. Initial healing usually takes 7 to 10 days, during which time you will need to avoid direct sun, public water and dirty environments.

"Tattoos are both an artform and shamanic ritual. The combination of pain, art, blood and focus is transformative. The process can be positive and joyous if executed with an expert touch. Every skin tells a story – what story does yours tell?" — Jai

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“Jai is a genius. So knowledgeable and professional, but most importantly, a fantastic artist. I highly recommend”

– Rachel Molloy