Redefining Our Selves


Korben is person with Autism battling with poor self-image and used to covering his body completely to help reduce sensory difficulties and hide scaring. He came to Jai seeking a tattoo to give him “a reason to like myself and to feel confident and comfortable in my own skin”.


Korben had long been interested in Egyptian history and imagery and wanted his sleeve to reflect this. At the initial consultation, Jai and Korben discussed the difference between style and subject matter, and a week later, Korben came back having refined his ideas to key images and styles that resonated deeply.

The Process

At Korben’s design consultation, Jai started by sketching ideas onto his arm and adapting the imagery that had inspired him. This allowed Korben to get a sense of the finished product as well as get comfortable with the studio environment and being touched. This drawing process also meant Jai could take the time to explain exactly what would happen during the tattoo session.


On the first day of tattooing, Jai helped Korben through some early nerves. As Korben explained what he needed to feel comfortable, Jai adjusted, and now Korben is planning his second sleeve. He has shared his experience in this beautiful blog post.

Korben's Story