Adapting Another's Artwork


Lee came to Jai wanting a leg tattoo inspired by the dark, tortured artwork of H.R. Giger. Together they analysed Giger’s art and developed a framework for the tattoo. Adapting a flat image onto a curved surface often requires reimagining of some or all of the components of the original artwork.


It was important to Lee that the tattoo would cover both the front and back of the leg. After brianstorming together around other H. R. Giger artworks, Jai developed a full leg sleeve tattoo that moved smoothly from one view to another without any distortions or gaps in the image.

Living with his Hattoo

‘I think Lee is particularly brave in this Tattoo. H.R. Giger’s work is controversial and often very provocational in its imagery, but Lee openly displays his tattoo (he often wears shorts) and frequently faces questions from strangers - which is happy to answer. In fact, Lee’s understanding of H.R. Giger’s paintings is deeply personal, and the tattoo is full of hidden meaning for him.’