A story of Transformation


When she first came to see Jai, Michelle and her partner were in the process of rebuilding their family the tragic loss of a child. For Michelle, this was symbolised by the Tree of Life, a symbol of new beginnings and regrowth.


Jai drew inspiration for the design from Islamic prayer rugs and Azerbaijani wall paintings from the Palace of Shaki Khans. The tree's flowers cleverly incorporated the initials of Michelle's children, and the design also covered up an older tattoo on Michelle's lower back.

The Process

‘I really enjoyed working on this project. Michelle confided that the tattoo has given her renewed confidence at a time of her life when she feels that her body is changing. In a way, she has blossomed and flowered much like the tree that I tattooed. Her strength and personality shine through her skin, and I am incredibly honoured to have worked with her.’