The Wonder of Vellum

I have never really got round to thanking the amazing people that helped me set up our little tattoo sanctuary.
vellum studio sign

Our beautiful little studio, Vellum, has been open just over a year now and in that time we been joined by two wonderful new tattooists, Freya and Armelle, and supported by a huge number of wonderful friends, new and old. 

In that whole flat-out year I have never really got round to thanking the amazing people that helped me set up our little tattoo sanctuary. So, I would like to finally take this opportunity to formally say thank you to a list of people without whom we would not have made it this far. I could not and would not have done this without you!

This list is in no way exhaustive, and though I will try my hardest, I will probably miss some wonderful people who deserve to be on here - so if you notice I have, please be kind and send me a little note!

In alphabetical order....

Ade - for being Ade, my long suffering husband and loving partner in everything.

Allan - for giving us super sexy smooth studio walls.

Armelle - for undeniably being the most sassy, talented and hard working person I know.

​Barry - for questioning everything I did and yet still remaining supportive.

Brian - for being on his hands and knees for three weeks straight even when he should not have been and for doing every job that needed doing even when I didn't know what I was doing.

Dan - for magically finding a plumber and a stripper in the nick of time.

Emma - for being the best receptionist ever and the most wonderful and amazing friend.

Freya - for being hugely talented, inspiring, dedicated and undeniably herself. 

Jess - for inspiring me, making me believe that I could and helping me actually achieve it.

Laurie - for being much cleverer than she has any right to be and more on the ball than she even realises herself.

Lianne - for being the first to trust me and for being an immensely talented artist.

Margaret - for being my wonderful mum and for everything that that entails.

Morrigan - for being my closest confidant and staunchest supporter.

Natalie - for being a friend throughout and for supplying a veritable Aladdin’s Cave.

Nik and Rie - for always being my friends through thick and thin.

Number 8 - for great coffee every morning!

Oli - for providing excellent marketing advice.

Sian - for volunteering her wonderful self as apprentice, being incredibly organised and proactive and then for being admirably honest and forthright. And of course for always looking absolutely amazing!

Steph - for giving the old woman in me a chance to feel and look younger, you are excellent at what you do!

Suzie - for being a good friend, making lovely things and for always being there.

Tamara - my first friend in the UK and still with me! You have always said I could and you always give the best advice.

Tim – for being the best dad and for asking all the hard questions.

Theo – for being patient, loving and the most wonderful son a mum could wish for.

​Theresa – for always being a loving and supportive mentor through thick and thin.

Ritchie – for carrying heavy things and generally being an all round great nephew.

Ryan – the electrician with the mostest! You went above and beyond - quite literally!

thank you roses