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Re-imagine Yourself

Vellum Tattoo is an independent artists collective in the heart of Nottingham's West Bridgford. We offer a warm, welcoming creative studio where we help you embody your story through the art of tattoo.

Vellum (ˈvɛləm) - Noun, Fine parchment made originally from the skin of a calf. Origin Late Middle English - OED

Embody your story

Every skin tells a story, whether it is laugh-lines, that scar you got when you were eight or embellishments like a tattoo or piercing. In our modern culture, tattoos can mean almost anything - or nothing. They can be commemorative, markers of occasions and experiences or simply beautiful decoration.

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What story is your skin telling?

As we go through life, our tastes can change and that little tattoo you got as a teenager may no longer tell the story of who you are now. Vellum Tattoo takes pride in creating tattoos that retell your story—tattoos that are as individual as the people wearing them.



Jai is an accomplished, award winning tattoo artist. She believes in tattooing as a form of storytelling and a way to reclaim your identity. Over her 25 years developing her artform, Jai has accrued the knowledge to deliver many different styles, with a particular specialisation in the art of the coverup. Jai’s tattoos are designed to live and move with the body for decades to come.

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Joanna has been passionate about drawing since childhood, leaving her mark all over furniture and walls. Her love of art started with drawing Manga, Anime and Disney characters, and she still loves tattooing them. Every tattoo has meaning. Every tattoo has a story. That's your story. Joanna will help you to tell it to the world.



Brooke creates tattoos that empower you to embrace your body, express yourself, and find recovery. She provides a safe and welcoming environment for your tattoo experience. She specialises in illustrative blackwork, woodcut, and traditional styles. She also creates personalised pattern work that enhances the natural shape of your body, turning tattoos into beautiful decorations.

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“Jai's work had been recommended to me by a friend and her expertise was immediately apparent in how she took her time to explain and show me how tattoos move as your body moves.”

– Laura Roffey